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Author: Author IconReshama Shaikh

Sprint Background

This report focuses on the summary, impact and lessons learned of the Nairobi WiMLDS scikit-learn sprint.

Impact Summary for 2019

  • A total of 19 PRs were merged in:
    • 2 PRs were merged at the sprint
    • 15 PR was merged post-sprint without any follow-up
    • 2 PRs were merged with follow-up
  • All outstanding PRs from the sprint were merged in after 5 weeks, well before the 60 day suggested deadline.

  • One attendee traveled 8 hours just to attend the sprint.

  • Microsoft 4Afrika has been supportive of Nairobi WiMLDS and scikit-learn and would like to continue supporting the sprint events in the future.

Read the full report here:
Nairobi Wimlds 2019 Scikit Learn Sprint Impact Report, August 2019