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In this interview, learn more about how Maren moved from being a Data Umbrella scikit-learn participant to a mentor, and then to organise open source workshops.

  1. How did you learn of the Data Umbrella scikit-learn sprints and what inspired you to attend?

I learned of the first Data Umbrella scikit-learn online sprint, which took place in June 2020, via Twitter. I was interested in contributing to open source and had already made one contribution to scikit-learn. However, when I started contributing to open source I didn’t have a network of like-minded people. I was very much looking forward to connecting with people who shared my interest in open source, data science, and scikit-learn, and to building a professional network in this field.

Read the full interview here:
Interview with Maren Westermann: Extending the Impact of the scikit-learn Sprints to the Community, March 2022